Research Portfolio

The Terry Fox Cancer Research Portfolio 2013 is a portfolio of all current Terry Fox funded cancer research projects.  The document contains a summary of current research projects grouped by the three major programs of support:

1. Terry Fox New Investigator Awards

These awards provide a three-year operating grant to independent cancer researchers within the first five years of their first faculty appointment.

2. Terry Fox New Frontiers Program Project Grants

These programs support Canadian research teams exploring new frontiers in cancer research through funding of three or more outstanding independent research projects around a common theme. 

3. Terry Fox Translational Cancer Research Projects

TFRI asks expert multidisciplinary teams to develop collaborative pan-Canadian research projects to align with the Institute’s translational research mandate. These projects target a specific type of cancer with a focus on moving discoveries and knowledge into practical solutions for patients within a relatively short timeframe of five to ten years.

TFRI support for research training is not included in this summary of the TFRI funded programs, nor are research projects supported outside Canada.

Archived: Terry Fox Cancer Research Portfolio 2011