New Investigators

This program provides research operating grant support to future leaders as they develop their independent careers in cancer research. Designed to provide a single research grant to scientific and clinical investigators within the first five years of a first faculty-level appointment in Canada, new investigators have to be sponsored and mentored by an existing Terry Fox funded program.

Read about TFRI's 2013 New Investigator Awardees in our news announcement.

The competition for the 2014 New Investigator Awards is now closed to new applications. More information and related documents can be found on the 2014 New Investigators page.


A List of Current Terry Fox New Investigators

 Name  Start/End  Project
Rebecca Auer 2012-2015 A Personalized Oncolytic Vaccine: Using Oncolytic Viruses to Exploit Neo-antigens Derived from the Tumour Mutanome
Paul Boutros 2013-2016 Systems Biology of Tumour Hypoxia
Ryan Brinkman 2010-2013 Flow informatics approaches for the identification of normal and malignant stem cells
Jennifer Chan 2011-2014 A novel platform for glioma modeling to accelerate the therapeutic targeting of glioblastoma
Josee Dostie* 2008-2013 Role of spatial chromatin organization in genome regulation
Cathie Garnis 2010-2013 Circulating microRNAs as a lung tumour proxy: determining whether a small RNA species in plasma can be used as an early cancer detection tool
Marianne Koritzinsky 2012-2014 The impact of hypoxia on the maturation of extracellular proteins that regulate tumour metabolism and microenvironment
Julie Lessard* 2008-2013 Role of BAF chromatin remodelling complexes in normal and leukemic hemopoiesis
Marie-Helene Mayrand 2009-2014 Randomized controlled trial comparing routine colposcopy to HPV testing to identify persistent or recurrent high grade cervical cancer precursors
Luke McCaffrey 2011-2015 Epithelial polarity in tumour invasion and metastasis
Catherine O’Brien 2013-2016 Understanding Cancer Stem Cell Heterogeneity and Dynamics: Implications for Therapy in Human Colorectal Cancer
Laurence Pelletier* 2008-2013 The role of Cep192 in centrosome biogenesis
Francis Rodier 2014-2017 Understanding the Impact of Cancer Cell Fate Decisions during Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Sohrab Shah 2012-2015 Are Genomic Instability and Clonal Diversity Prognostic Indicators of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer?
Sheila Singh 2011-2014 The Role of Bmi1 in neural stem cell maintenance and brain tumour development
Uri Tabori 2010-2013 Exhaustion of tumour initiating cells by targeting their self-renewal capacity with telomerase inhibition
Laura Trinkle-Mulcahy 2009-2014 Role of targeted phosphatase activity in regulation of cell proliferation
Gelareh Zadeh 2012-2015 Exploring Novel Mechanisms of Tumor Vascularization in Malignant Brain Tumors
Amina Zoubeidi 2010-2013 Defining the role of Lyn kinase in prostate cancer progression to castrate resistance stage

*Administered through the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI)

For more information on the above projects, please go to the Canadian Research Information System (CRIS) database.

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