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TFRI and Team Finn Foundation form partnership

November 20, 2014

Vancouver, BC October 23, 2014 – TFRI and the Team Finn Foundation have formed a new partnership. Each organization is contributing $15,000 to build a business plan around a new research initiative focused on young persons’ cancer.

“The Terry Fox Research Institute is pleased to be working in partnership with the Team Finn Foundation to support the development of a Young Persons’ Cancer Initiative,” says Dr. Victor Ling, TFRI president and scientific director.

"The Team Finn Foundation is very excited about this groundbreaking pediatric partnership with the Terry Fox Research Institute. We firmly believe that this ‘omics’-based project focused on kids not only offers hope and promise to those who have none, it will also provide leadership within and beyond the area of pediatric cancer,” said Patrick Sullivan for Team Finn Foundation.

The initiative will be subject to international peer review during Spring 2015 before it is eligible to receive funding from the TFRI and other potential partners. Team Finn Foundation remembers young three-year-old Finn Sullivan, who ran, jumped, bounced, danced and sang while living with cancer.

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